ATI is the distributor and or manufacturer of technologies for defense, public safety, medical devices and pharma products.

ATI is the distributor and or manufacturer of innovative technologies for defense and  public safety focused on Chemical, Biological and Explosive Detetction (CBRNE). We also distribute and manufacture over the counter products supported by evidence-based research. We provide medical devices and pharma products focused on cognitive, cardiovascular and bone health.


We partner with global companies in defense and pharma to design and conduct product development research including 3D prototype designs.



Woman's Health

Men's Health

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Bone Health

Why NutraPause?


NutraPause by Ac Nova Technologies has been extensively tested and used in North America and Asia for several years. This easy to use all natural product for menopause symptom relief has an affordable cost of about

$1 per day.

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For AndroPause Support Boosts Testosterone Levels Naturally

     Reported to Improve Muscle Tone and

Increase Energy.

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CardioVasculo Support is a natural  botanical supplement that has been shown  to support cardiovascular health.

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Supports the strengthening

of bones and ligaments naturally and approved by

Health Canada.

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 OnLine Shopping will be launched soon. In the meantime order by email carmella@atipharma.com or calling 1.647.220.4453


Innovation & Partners in Defense-Safety Products

Public Safety & Defense (CBRNE)


ATI partners in the design of product development research and prototype design. ATI is the distributor and or manufacturer for our defense partners




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