ATI partners in the design of product development research and prototype design. ATI designs and conducts for our defense partners the testing of technology and pharma cognitive research for purposes of safe aerospace missions and the battle field.


ATI is a distributor of a patented security technology, a rapid, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally safe detection method for chemical and explosive threats that contain nitro amine or nitro ester compounds (military grade explosives) and hydrogen peroxide base explosives that have become standard in the terrorist bomb making trade. The technology is designed to serve as a rapid alert which may be followed by more expensive analysis, when necessary (developed and manufactured by the USA manufacturer Trace-Eye-D).


ATI will assemble artificial intelligence data for intelligence analysis or scientific data analysis.





To develop portable 3D printers for prosthetic devices to stabilize fractures on the battle field.





Distributors of laser therapy for immediate treatment of traumatic brain injuries in the field.











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