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Summary of Product Development and Product Launch Activities


April 1 2011. Sign Licensing agreement for platform technology with NUS

March 2012 Obtain Health Canada Approval for NutraPause

July 2012 Obtained Health Canada Approval for Amended claims for NutraPause

August 2012 Obtain Health Canada Review of Submission for Cardio Health Product

January 2012- June 2013 Entered agreement with Johnson and Johnson (J&J) who performed all of the Quality Controls

      on the product and our selected packaging company in Singapore and manufacturer

March 2013 Incorporated USA Affiliate

January to March 2013 Signed a Shareholders Agreement with Keith Larson appointed as Director and President of

      USA affiliate

June 2013 Obtained Health Canada approval for OsteoProtect

July 2013 Entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with TFB and Associated for Canada alone.

December 2013 Signed contract manufacturing agreements

January 2014 TFB and Associates completes agreements with Safeway Canada and tentative agreements with Rexall

      and IDA/Guardian

February/March 2016 Planned Launch for Nutrapause in Canada

July 2016 Planned online Launch for Nutrapause in the USA

September 2016 Health Canada submission for Cardio-Plus

January 2017 Planned launch for OsteoProtect in Canada and USA

April 2017 Planned Launch for CardioPlus Product in Canada and USA

September 2017 Planned Launch for Nutrapause in Europe






Product Development and

Launch Activities

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