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Andro Enhance” may improve the symptoms of andropause through its effects on the androgen receptors


(Download) summarizing its use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mechanism of Action



Testosterone replacement  therapy versus alternative herbal therapies


With all the controversies surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to address the health concerns of menopausal women, I’m sure there are some who might have the misconception that mid-life hormonal change is exclusively a women’s issue. But that’s not the case at all.


With ANDRO ENHANCE we will turn our attention to MEN simply because men also face challenges to their health and well-being as they experience their own hormonal changes, sometimes known as ANDROPAUSE, or ‘male menopause.’


Concerns regarding TRT is very much like we’ve seen in so many reports on female HRT with some disturbing questions raised with the release of a report that reviewed existing research on the safety and effectiveness of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).



What do we know about Andropause?


As men grow older, their testosterone levels do not drop suddenly but rather slowly with a little more than one percent each year after the age of 40. This can trigger a variety of symptoms, such as moodiness, memory loss, a decline in sex drive, and a lack of energy, strength and endurance. Other less obvious problems include the decrease of lean muscle mass and bone mineral density in the spine. Taken together, these conditions sometimes cause men to experience a very gradual passivity and disinterest in life.


Typically, a man’s testosterone level is considered low if it’s below a level of around 300 ng/d and it is estimated that Low Testosterone affects more than 15 million men in the U.S.


The good news is that it can be diagnosed by your doctor based on a medical history and exam, your signs and symptoms, and certain blood tests.


For those men who choose to address the problem there are several prescription therapies available, including exercise regimens but there are only a paucity of natural supplements such as Andro Enhance that help a man’s body raise its own testosterone levels naturally.


In the prescription category the most aggressive is Unimed, makers of AndroGel, a testosterone replacement therapy formula that’s rubbed on the shoulders daily. AndroGel dominates the testosterone replacement therapy market of testosterone gels, creams and patches.



Efficacy and safety of prescription testosterone replacement versus alternative herbal therapies


A committee of the Institute of Medicine concluded a one-year review of existing testosterone replacement therapy research. They found only 3 trials that focused on older men. Most of those trials used less than 50 subjects, all but one lasted less than a year, and many were not placebo-controlled.


In light of the quickly growing testosterone replacement therapy market, the committee determined that the risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy have not been adequately tested, especially in older men. And because some studies have also shown that testosterone therapy may increase the risk of prostate cancer (especially in those men who are already in a high-risk) prescription TRT is often not a safe option.


One of the problems with prescription testosterone replacement therapy is the fact that we don’t know exactly what problems may come with long-term usage.


What we do know is that some studies have already revealed certain unpleasant side effects, including testicular shrinkage, abnormal enlargement of the breasts and an elevation in circulating blood cell level, which can lead to stroke and heart failure.


As I mentioned above, there are alternatives, including supplements, which have been shown to help men cope with andropause symptoms. Andro Enhance is a natural alternative to prescription steroidal testosterone replacement.


Andro Enhance contains Eucommia Ulmoides which has been shown in invivo studies to modulate both the ANDROGEN and ESTROGEN receptors which modulates the bodies own level of hormones and/or is synergistic with testosterone enhancing or boosting the “T” levels (Ong et al 2005). Eucommia Ulmoides has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine in both men and women to strength bones and the musculature, improve stamina and increase sexual desire (all symptoms of a decline in levels of testosterone).


Whether or not andropause should be accepted as a normal part of ageing or regarded as a medical condition that requires treatment is a question that can only be answered individually by each man experiencing the symptoms of these changes. If you’re a 40-something or older man who’s noticed changes in energy levels, sexual desires, or moods, share your concerns with your health care practitioner.

Andro Enhance is a natural alternative herbal therapy that may be your treatment of choice.



Recommended Approaches to Treatment


Ref: Morales et al A practical guide to the diagnosis and management of testosterone deficiency for Canadian Physcians 2010 Can Urol Association pg 269-275


The prevalence of TDS is significant in men over 40 years of age, but only a small proportion is treated adequately.

Testosterone deficiency syndrome is a significant health issue because of the association of low T levels with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and a decrease in life quality and expectancy.

Diagnosis of TDS requires the presence of clinical manifestations and laboratory confirmation of abnormal T levels.

Confirmed TDS may be managed with 1) lifestyle modifications 2) appropriate use of an injectable, oral or transdermal T preparation OR 3) Alternative Natural Therapies

Symptom response and safety of TRT should be monitored regularly with a physical examination, comprehensive serum analysis and DRE.




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