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Carmella T. Angus MSc., MBA

Chairman of the Board for Canada and USA and Founder of AC Nova Technologies Inc.

(aka ATI Pharma)










Ms. Carmella Angus is a C-Level Executive and Board Member. Ms Angus’s career spans over 30 years in all facets of the Health Care Industries including the development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, over the counter medicines as well as medical and dental devices.  Ms. Angus is an expert in operational and P&L management, strategic planning, business development, product development, product licensing, product launch and mergers/acquisitions. Ms. Angus’s experiences have included both top tier global public companies such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer/Warner Lambert and Pharmacia and non profit hospital organizations such as UHN and St. Michaels. Ms. Angus is also the current founder of two start up companies.


Current and Past Role

• Founder and Chairman of the Board AC Nova Technologies Inc. (aka “ATI Pharma”) an Over the Counter (OTC) Pharma company.

• CEO and Founder of Nova DenTech Inc. a dental devices manufacturing company

• President of the Canadian Affiliate of Dentamach International Inc. M&A Dental Company (Head Office in PeaPack New Jersey USA).

• CEO and Executive Director of Tetrad Technologies Inc. an R&D company developing pathogen and chemical sensors

• Senior Clinical Research Director with top tier global pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Warner Lambert/Pfizer and Pharmacia. Responsible for all phases of clinical research including the commercialization phase. Launched several successful products some which became blockbusters (e.g Lipitor).


Other Board of Director Positions

• Board Director Prime Mentors of Canada

• Board Director for Condo Corporation MTCC 759

• Chairman of the Board of Directors for Condo Corporations TSCC #1839.



• BScN from Faculty of Nursing and a MSc from at the Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto and also and

an MBA in Global Business Management.







KEITH LARSON   –   President USA & CO- Founder









Mr. Larson has over 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles.  He has well-rounded experience in Sales, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources. Keith is the CFO of AllHealth Network. This is a $40 million business with over 400 employees. They provide a wide variety of mental health and substance use services, including individual, family, marital and group counseling, therapy, psychiatry and emergency programs. Prior to this position, he has lead & coached several startups and early stage companies to success. He has been the CEO, COO, CFO, CSO and board member of technology, healthcare, retail and energy companies. He has been an advisor for many healthcare companies including DORN, Allergy Solutions, ATI Pharma, Viospex and Healthcare Innovations International. Mr. Larson has excellent people & analytical skills, and is a leader with exceptional problem-solving ability.


Keith had a long corporate career prior to helping startups, early stage & medium sized companies. He was the President of Sales & Marketing at a $2 billion firm, a CFO for an $800 million division, and President of a $200 million division. With a proven track record of achieving outstanding results, Mr. Larson has experience in identifying company issues and determining solutions for superior performance. He has a strong ability to analyze, interpret and communicate problems, solutions and future direction. He has over 13 years of experience as a CFO and he was a business unit controller and cost accountant for Procter & Gamble.


In addition, he has developed the strategy and then implemented many acquisitions including the acquisition of an American Express division. He has held positions with Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Gruner & Jahr, and Cenveo (a consolidator that purchased over 100 companies). Mr. Larson holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University. He graduated with honors from both universities and is a member of Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society. He has an Executive MBA from IMI in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a sergeant in the US Air Force as an electrician. Keith is also the President of TiE Rockies,, a chapter for the world’s largest non-profit organization to foster entrepreneurship. He supports other non-profits like the Energy Africa Conference, White Eagle Speaks TV and SOPE (Society of Physician Entrepreneurs). He is on the board of advisors for Solve For Food, mindaptiv and The Powanga Group. Keith has been on several advisory boards in the past including the Hewlett Packard Print Advisory Board and the Young Women’s Resource Center Advisory Board.




Board of Directors

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